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Wanting it to be Halloween, but also not wanting it to be Halloween because then the month tailored to my interests will be over

My fake pixie cut for the Gender Bender Ball.

My fake pixie cut for the Gender Bender Ball.


photos by matt smith from the Illawarra coast in new south wales of bluebottles, violet snails and blue dragons. 

despite its resemblance to the jellyfish, the bluebottle is more closely related to coral. known as a zooid, the bluebottle (or portugese man of war) is a colonial animal composed of many highly specialized and physiologically integrated individual organisms incapable of independent survival. 

the blue dragon — a type of nudibranch, here no larger than a thumbnail, with its own potent sting — is able to eat the nematocysts (stinging cells) of the bluebottle without discharging them and internally relocate them to the tips of each one of the fingers you can see in the pictures.

for their part, the violet snails also feed on the bluebottles.

notes matt, “despite their potentially dangerous sting, the bluebottle is an amazingly beautiful creature. with strong winds, hundreds of these cnidaria are blown into the bays around my home town and trapped overnight.”

this allows him to capture the above shots, which he creates with use of a fluorescent tube in his strobe light and a homemade waterproof lens dome.



Body comparisons. 

this makes me feel alive


New works by Nosego, now on view at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles.


Amusing Photography by Robert Rickhoff

Robert Rickhoff is a photographer with a great sense of humor. An imaginative soul, he has a portfolio dedicated to photo-manipulation. With an expert knack for Photoshop, Robert Rickhoff has tweaked common public areas to make them not so common anymore. From soccer fields with basketball nets to signs that caution people about the sign itself, his images will inspire smiles while also encouraging people’s own daily imaginations.

Based in Mittelweg, Germany, Robert Rickhoff’s work ranges from editorial design to architecture. Unfortunately for him, Robert Rickhoff will probably never cut it as an urban planner. Especially if prospective employers and/or clients got wind of his Out of Place portfolio. Although these scenes may not make any sense to the realist, those with open minds will enjoy them wholeheartedly and with a good laugh.


Lilly McElroy: I throw Myself at Men

“I make work about the desire to form connections with others and how difficult it can sometimes be to actually do that. For the “I Throw Myself at Men” series I was thinking about romantic connections and how awkward, painful, and wonderful it can be to try and form an attachment to another person,” says Lilly McElroy when talking to the Huffington Post two years ago. The Los Angeles-based artist initially began the project using Craigslist, but later learned that it was more enjoyable and effective to directly approach men at bars. As far as who was aware that a photograph was about to be taken: the bartender, the photographer, and the man playing the human catcher.

via Beautiful Decay


batter with big teeth is best

thats this batter right here