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By golly, half-hazard hangars, Batman!

By golly, half-hazard hangars, Batman!

We’re doing Batman pages in intro and I get to draw a fighter plane and Lucius Fox’s butt. 

I’m so happy I got Dark Horse for Editor’s Day! Super nervous and excited! 

I’m so happy I got Dark Horse for Editor’s Day! Super nervous and excited! 

My “Talking Heads” comic for Intro to SEQA. I really enjoyed working on it, even though it led to two consecutive almost-all nighters haha. The dialogue is a mishmash of like ten different conversations I’ve had with ten different people. And also I based Sloan’s design on Nancy Spungen :U

Another silhouette comic for Intro to SEQA 

My Top Ten Favorite Movies

This was really difficult to do and I’m still not exactly sure why I felt so obligated to do it haha. It’s of course subject to change, but you guys should also give it a try if you want! (: 

1) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

2) Pulp Fiction

3) Midnight in Paris

4) Rear Window

5) The Last Unicorn

6) Amélie

7) The Village

8) Pan’s Labyrinth

9) The Darjeeling Limited

10) Hard Candy

Runners-up: Kiki’s Delivery Service and Edward Scissorhands 

Work in progress.

Work in progress.

Hi! Could you tell me about SCAD, I'v been thinking about going there and I want to do animation films. and I'm asking around for opinions. How are the teachers/education, work load, other students, dorms, food, campus life, activities, etc. Pros and Cons? Anything you find important to tell. Your experience.

I adore my school! Of course, everything is what you make of it so you’re going to get different answers from different people. However, I’ve had an incredibly positive experience so far! Do some research on your professors in order to gauge who will be best for you. Ask around, look on Rate My Professor, etc. I’ve loved all my professors so far though. The classes are usually pretty small so you always get a lot of personal attention. You learn a lot and every class feels purposeful so you really get a bang for your buck and improve as an artist in a short amount of time. Concerning work load, I’ve never been crazy stressed out, but I’m always kept busy! As long as you manage your time, you should be fine. There’s a huge variety of students! Humans are complex creatures so don’t judge your classmates as a whole based on one interaction. That being said, it’s rare to find a truly unkind individual here. Everyone’s pretty odd and friendly. There’s all kinds here so you’ll be sure to find your niche. Some dorms are nicer than others, of course. I wouldn’t say there’s too big of a difference between them all though. I live in Turner House and I’m happy with it. It’s spacious enough and has all you need. You can make it cozy with a rug and a couple posters. Plus, there’s no community bathrooms so that’s great! Food is consistently decent. Really good on occasion, not so good other times. There’s enough variety that you can find something you like for your meals. That being said, you can get tired of it so don’t be afraid to explore Savannah (or the other campuses) a little to scout out some local cuisine every once and awhile. Campus life and activities: always something to do! Be open to new experiences because you can end up learning stuff you didn’t even know you wanted to know, meeting new people, trying new things, the whole kaboodle. You’ll probably find yourself involved in a lot of clubs and events at first, but you’ll eventually solidify which ones keep your commitment. And you’ll also probably just end up simply hanging out with friends and whatnot. What else? We’re on a quarter system so students usually enroll in three quarters of 10 week periods and then take the summer off. Winter break, which comes after the fall quarter and before the winter quarter is 6 weeks long so it includes Thanksgiving, the winter holidays, and New Year’s (if you celebrate).Spring break, however, is only a week and takes places after winter quarter and before spring quarter. And here’s something fun: we never have class on Friday! Of course, sometimes there’s makeup classes or field trips on Fridays, but otherwise,three day weekends all year long! That’s all I can really think of at the moment so I hope that helps! If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask (: 

Second project for my Intro to SEQA class. 

Hand studies for life drawing. Conte and charcoal on Bristol.